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Tales and Things

Coen D. Needell

Idle Hands

Xanthippe lounged on the fainting couch. Her twin brother, Zephyr cracked five eggs into a small bowl and mixed in goat cheese and chives. Xanthippe shifted in place. Zephyr greased and salted a pan. The olive oil smoked slightly, filling the front room with a savory smell. He poured in the eggs and whipped them…

The Tower

One day, I was sitting on my back porch. I was looking at the sky. As the fluffy clouds slowly drifted overhead, I felt the need to touch them. To walk among them became my goal. This is what I was put on Earth to do. I said to myself, “Self, you’ve lived this life…

Can’t You Feel It?

I was sitting with him, in the office. We work together at a co-working space in the Central West End. His eyes suddenly lit up. The hairs on his arms stood on end.

Rainy Days

There’s something that happens to this city when it rains…

Coen D. Needell

Dear Reader, I’m Coen D. Needell. I write stories sometimes. This is where they’ll be posted. I mostly write weird fiction, but I dabble in comedic writing too. Sometimes, if I can’t think of anything good, I’ll write non-fiction. The goal is to produce something once a week, published Sundays at 4:00 central time. Currently…